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10 web designers who have accumulated an excellent body of work and done something absolutely outstanding over the past eleven months, as voted for by you! There are 20 categories this current year, including Designer of the Year. Below is the shortlist based upon nominations from the community and in no certain order. We encourage you to check these out and then vote for your favorites.

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Dave Pinter: Top Design Events Of NYCxDesign (psfk)

May in New York City means one thing for the design community, New York Design Week. Anchored in years past by the trade show ICFF, last year New York City formally recognized and supported the week under the brand NYCxDesign (NYC by Design). For a first go, it was very successful at broadening the exposure of design events happening in the city through street advertising and a comprehensive events calendar website. For 2014, there’s even more going on and the traditional design week is rapidly expanding into “design weeks.” If you happen to be in New York City this weekend, here’s a couple of design events we think are worth checking out:
**Collective 2**
Skylight at Moynihan Station
360 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001
Between 8th and 9th Avenues
Friday May 9  11am — 9pm
Saturday May 10  11am — 7pm
Sunday May 11  11am — 5pm
After a debut event in 2013, Collective returns this time at a new venue. Billed as a design fair focusing on contemporary and 20th-century design from an international range of emerging and established galleries, the fair is aimed at design collectors. The show emphasizes quality, timelessness, craftsmanship and uniqueness of objects …

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Top 10 most popular cities for selfies

A new research has revealed that these are the most popular in the world to take a selfie.

Questions and Answers

Question for professional website designers?How much would you charge and how long would it take to design a website like this one?
How long would it take to build something like that?

Posted by The Beaver for PRESIDENT

adminWhy would you want it? That has to be in the top 10 of ugliest sites on the internet.

Top stock photo website for graphic designers?Im looking for really good stock photo sites ( i know i will have to pay a fee to use their photos) but which are the top photo websites out there???

I am doing a project and am an amateur graphic designer and need to use some photos.

Posted by precious jewel

adminPersonally I like Photo Wizard – Http:// its small but unique.

Here is where you can find some other inexpensive stock photo directories:



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Web Development Prices

Great App Development, Great Prices, Make it Appfficial

Sugar producers; much more than sugar –

Sugar producers; much more than a result substantial quantities of cheap sugar found its way into local markets, forcing producers to export their surplus production at the lower export price. According to the SA Sugar Association exports tripled last year, relative to the …and more »

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Utility Cost Savings | Municipal Impact

Blackrock and Passport Capital leads $100 mln for New Relic (pehub)

Software analytics provider** New Relic** has raised $100 million in funding. **Blackrock** and** Passport Capital** led the round with participation from **T. Rowe Price Associates** and **Wellington Management**. According to the firm, the capital infusion will be used for product development and international expansion. **Allen & Company** advised New Relic on the transaction and helped arrange the financing.

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Cloud Dashboard Leader Klipfolio Takes Aim at ‘Vague, Misleading’ Cloud Software Industry Pricing Schemes

OTTAWA, Ontario–(BUSINESSWIRE)– Klipfolio, a global leader in cloud-based Web and mobile dashboard solutions, today announced a new per-user pricing strategy for its dashboard solution – making it one of the most price-effective business intelligence solutions on the market today. Critical of other software as a service (SaaS) vendors that have eliminated full-disclosure pricing programs …

Questions and Answers

Wants to Hire Developers for Web Development and Software Development?

For both developers i need a chart and some resource.

Posted by Manika B

Complete solutions for web development with Os-commerce, Php development, .net development, e-commerce solutions, web designing and SEO services in affordable prices also provides you a outsourcing facilities for more information’s.

Where can I learn advanced web development?

I have already learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP; The fundamentals, but now, I want to learn about stuff like Jquery, asp ajax, just in general more things in web dev. That will make me great at this, what do you recommend?

Posted by Jake Whitton

There are a number of websites that provide training in web development at a reasonable price. I don't know if this type of training makes you marketable without a Computer Science degree and/or real world experience, but it is a starting place.

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Graphic Design Prices

Graphics Artwork For Metal Bands Artists Design Logos …

The YouTube Music Service May Be Stalling Because Of Contract Disputes … – Android Police

The YouTube Music Service May Be Stalling Because Of Contract Disputes …Android PoliceMichael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general … No.Just.No. This isn't trolling. This is taking a stabs getting a fair price for your content instead of getting shafted by yet another Google service …and more »

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Extensive Graphic Design Price Sheet

Graphic hilarity ensues when Silicon Valley ventures to East Palo Alto [Recap: season 1, episode 5] (boingboing)

Did you catch it? It’s a moment I’ve been waiting for _Silicon Valley _to address in some capacity—the divide between the tech corporations in Palo Alto and the blighted district to the south. (_East_ Palo Alto is a misnomer—EPA is bordered by Menlo Park to the west and Palo Alto to the south.) The first four episodes of _Silicon Valley_ have attempted to subtly insert regional details about the Peninsula into the dialogue of the show, which has always made the Bay Area kid in me beam. Episodes have referenced Sand Hill Road, which is the exit off highway 280 that leads right to the Stanford University campus (dotted with venture capital firms all the way down) and other geographical details that make the series feel lived-in. But tonight, in the opening scene between Erlich and popular graffiti artist Chuy Rodriguez, in a neighborhood referenced as high-crime and which clearly makes Dinesh uncomfortable, Erlich obliquely refers to their location.
By enlisting a buzzed-about street artist to paint a mural on his garage door and design a corporate logo, Erlich wants to stake a claim that Pied Piper isn’t like “those motherfuckers _across the freeway_ would …

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New Screen Printing Studio Opens in Heart of Newbury

What's screen printing, well it's a technique that uses emulsion covered screens as stencils to create unique print artwork. Squeegee & Ink founder Chessie Rosier fell for screen printing during her studies at Winchester School of Art, where she excelled in graphic arts and enterprise. Through her own love of screen printing Chessie has found a common barrier with other studios surrounding …

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Graphic Design Pricing?

Any experienced graphic designers out there…. I am new at freelance work. I currently have a possible client that wants me to design a ONE PAGE PROMOTIONAL BROCHURE for a machine shop he runs. So my question is what is a good way to go about determining your price? The work would mainly be done in Photoshop which I am very proficient in so it will NOT be a difficult task for me. Probably around 5 – 6 hours of work. I was thinking to quote him around $400 – $450. Is that an acceptable price? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.

Posted by The Boss

I would do $350 with one change. This means that you will design a first draft, and they can tell you what they want to change in one session. You will sit down with them and talk with them about what they want. You will go and make the brochure, then show them. They will tell you what they want changed, then you will go and fix it. Then after that is the last time you will fix things before you charge them again. I charge $50 for every change after that.

You will also need to think about how you will print this. Will it be up to them to print this? Will you be doing it with your home printer? Do you know the limitations of the printer? These are things that you need to take into consideration when designing this. If it is up to you to print this, then I would talk with some local printing companies about low volume printing, then about the limitations about that specific printer.

Pricing for Freelance Graphic Design?

I'm going to start school for Graphic Design soon, and hope to get a good job afterwards, but while I'm studying I hope to do some freelance work to earn some money and experience. I want to do flyers for people around town, I'll advertise anyway I can but I'm a little lost when it comes to how to price it. Can anyone help me out with this? How do I price Graphic Design work?

Posted by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Just ask other graphic artists what they are charging and try to price yourself somewhere in the middle.

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Web Design Services Prices

Rap Genius Co-Founder Mahbod Moghadam Resigns After Annotating Elliot … – Design & Trend

Rap Genius Co-Founder Mahbod Moghadam Resigns After Annotating Elliot …Design & Trend(Photo : Rag Genius). The founder of one the Internet's most popular music sites paid the price for one ill-advised decision. … Rap Genius was a web site founded in 2009 dedicated to analyzing rapper lyrics with the help of user contributors. It soon …and more »

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Pros and Cons of Package-Based Pricing for Web Design | Vandelay ...

Shutterfly, Inc. (SFLY): New Analyst Report from Zacks Equity Research – Zacks Equity Research Report (Zacks)

Shutterfly, Inc.'s first-quarter 2014 loss per share of $0.82 was narrower than the Zacks Consensus Estimate owing to better-than-expected top line. Net revenue increased 17.5% year over year and beat the Zacks Consensus Estimate by approximately 1.6%, driven by strong performance of the Consumer segment.

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Mentor Graphics Reports Fiscal First Quarter Results

Mentor Graphics Corporation today announced financial results for the company’s fiscal first quarter ended April 30, 2014. The company reported revenues of $252.2 mi.

Questions and Answers

Which company provides web design services at affordable price in india?

Web9x provides Website Designing services,Internet marketing,Search engine optimization,Mobile applications development at affordable rates in india. For more info visit : Http://

Posted by Naina Sharma

Yeah.. Web9x is a best web design company in delhi- india which provides websites at affordable prices and GREAT results with Sleek Web Design visit Http:// They are an awesome ground with very nice and helpful people. They are very affordable with quality work. They work with you and your business ideas to help create the best custom solutions possible.

Is this okay pricing for web design services's?

( My websites are built using Dreamweaver, Photoshop and a bit of Flash )

– 5-8 pages
– custom design
– contact form
– hosting
– or .com domain
– email accounts
– flash header ( optional )

£350 exlcuding domain and hosting charges? – not too sure whether to include in pricing or not.

So in total £350 basically.

This is basically called a brochure site.



Posted by Ashley M

It really would depend on the level of detail the custom design work includes. If I was already using dreamweaver for other sites I would only outsource design projects to somebody who will deliver all the dreamweaver files. Same for flash. It's much like expecting all source code for a programming project. You want to be able to quickly open the project in dreamweaver so you or somebody that you hire can make changes. It's also important to know if there are any restrictions on re-use of the graphics, photos, flash, media, etc. Components delivered with the design. You don't want to pay a lot of money and then find out that much of the material is licensed to you rather than owned by you.

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Web Design Price Quotes

Need a New Web Site?

You have come to the absolute right place! We will handle everything from design, e-commerce, Flash, databases, email, web hosting, and also domain names, to social networking and more. LocalAdz Web Designs is your one stop shop for a brand new web site.

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LMS Virtual Solutions - Price List

Self-driving cars from Ford, GM, & others? Yes, if Google-automaker talks go well (Venturebeat?format=xml)

Google's self-driving car tech may appear in Fords, Toyotas, and all other sorts of cars in about six years. It all depends how these latest rounds of talks play out.

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ICE Benchmark Administration to Become New Administrator of ISDAFIX

IntercontinentalExchange Group , the leading global network of exchanges and clearing houses, today announced that following an extensive selection process managed by the.

Questions and Answers

What would be a fair price for a static web site design?

I am trying to hire a freelance person to make a simple static 3 page website for me. No fancy features, just simple info content, some photos. The person I will hire will design, program and launch the site.
What should be a ballpark price for a project like that? Wanna make sure I am not overpaying.
No, I have my own web host and am paying for it.

Thanks for the tips on the website copyright, will keep that in mind!
How about CMS, how much does that add to the bill?
To JR: this website I am talking about will be just like a business card – just some more extensive info. It is just for starters, just to get some web presence. Not e-commerce, not money making. It's a B2B business. Will update later, as on budget now. That's why price-sensitive.
Alright, good to know about CMS! I think I'll skip it, as planning to hire pros later to make more extensive changes when needed.

Posted by Kaytee

World Wide prices average:
Static websites (HTML/CSS only): $10-15 per page (That's all they are worth!)
Semi-static: $20-40/page
Dynamic (server-side scripts): from $500
Small e-commerce: from $1200
Fully blown application: from $3000

The DESIGN (that is, logo creation, fancy graphics and so-on) can be made by professional graphists, and this can be expensice!
– unknown artist: $20-$100 per "design" (logo, background etc)
– established designer: from $500
– Well known artist: from $1000
– Salvador Dali: $400,000 for a beer matt!!! (and in 1984!)

There are no "rules". It is more "What are you prepared to pay?" 🙂

BIG, BIG, BIG mistake! You will have to learn how to use it and – guarantee: you will stop using it after one month. You are NOT a web developer, nor a designer. CMS are complex to use and impractical.
A good dynamic website, well developed, will have its own "CMS" tailored by the developer to YOUR needs, and easy to use, in and "Admin" section of your site. ANY other solution is used by amateurs who just want to charge your more!
(I have not know any CMS being regularly used by the client).

AFTER the design/development:
ADVERTISING! If you want yur site to be visited, you must advertise it. I am not talking about SEOs (which are a waste of time), but advertising OUT of the web (medias: TV, Radio, Newspapers etc)
This, usually, costs at least 10 times the price of making the site.
– Development of the site: $2800.
– SEO costs: $500. Results: no sales.
– Banner add on a well known site: cost: $800/month. Results: $3000/m sales
– 30 sec TV ad, at $3000/m: over $8000/m profits…
– Stopping advertising: sales drop to zero in 3 days…
(These are real figures from real case)

I have not known any static site to make ANY money, not to get more than a few visitors a month.
Advice: Make a good one or don't bother.

What is all to designing web sites…?

Im very computer literate and am thinking of doing web development out of my home for a new business to bring in extra cash… What do you recommend like program wise to get to start my company up to do web development lilke, maybe store sites for ppl how much does something like this cost… Ie:

cost to design a website like going price if someone wants a quote
time it takes
whats the best software to get to learn how to do it?

Posted by Angela

About designing web sites can be read in Http://…

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Web Design Price List

HTC One mini 2 review: average by design – The Verge

HTC One mini 2 review: average by designThe VergeWhen the list of best Android phones for 2014 is drawn up, the One will be at or near the top. But the One is also expensive — a premium device at a premium price — and for HTC to thrive it needs to sell millions of phones to millions of people. Even …and more »

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Oxmedia Digital cheap websites, cheap hosting, marketing, web ...

How To Double Your Revenue By Giving Your Work Away For Free (Pro Blogger)

This is a guest contribution from author Tom Morkes. I know what you’re thinking: what’s the catch? If you’re like me, you’ve read dozens (okay, thousands) of blog headlines that pique your interest, only to find out the headline comes with an asterisk: Quandruple Your Opt-in Rate!* *you just need to be featured on a […]
Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger

How To Double Your Revenue By Giving Your Work Away For Free.

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Alternatives to Pages | Pages compared to other Mac word procesors

Pages may be free with your Mac, but it's not the only word processor. Here we look at some of the best alternatives.

Questions and Answers

Starting a web based business?

I am wanting to start a web based business selling handbags and accessories at affordable prices. I have a small inventory right now of everything I am going to sell. Any pointers? I am wanting to start next month.

Posted by MrsClark

If you can be a little patient I would suggest that you list your products on free online classified ads while you build a personal website. You can put a personal touch on a website that will attract people to you. The art of web design accompanied with the important key factors to getting targeted traffic to your site is difficult to learn and implement over night. There are many free web hosts that will help you to set up an online store. It is very difficult to get traffic to them without spending a lot of money on advertising. I chose a web host to build my website that offers a step by step program to teach and assist in the designing and building of your site so you can get targeted traffic for free. There are a few web hosts that offer help/ You can search for one that will suit your needs if you wish. You can send me a message with any questions about the one that I chose if you'd like. You can also read more in my Yahoo Answers Profile page. I hope this helps.

What does high level web design cost?

What does a big company typically pay for a design? We are a large company that has received many proposals for designing a large website (design only our programmers take it from there) and quotes have ranged from $5500 to $32,500. Understand that there is significant back and forth and many hours in meetings that are being priced in here, but why such a difference? Some companies seem to be better than others, but we just want to know what is a fair offer so that we can bargain.

Posted by DMGPR


If you don't mind, could you please email us the project details, so that, we can also quote for a fair (and low) price?

We are the global provider of web, media, e-business and telecom solutions, since 1996, and have designed and developed over 350+ web sites, including some very big internet portals, large e-commerce sites and Flash based web sites.

You can contact us at 'contact at w2n dot net' any time, for more details, or to get a list of our past projects, and then decide yourself.

By the way, if you will choose us, you will get everything needed. Domain, Hosting, Designing, Development, SEO, Other Promotions, SSL Products, Marketing, and many other services.

** You can search for 'rozaleenda' (without quote) in Google, and see the results yourself. **


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Los Angeles Top Web Designers

Business Internet Marketing | The Best Website Design and …

Ten Best Web Design Firms LA January 2016

Here at Ten Finest Design, we have been committed to helping you link up with our best ranked website development firms. They have been awarded based on a good number of variables. Each firm below seeks to give you the best possible service, working with us to reach out to you! Ranking order is based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative figures, including the payment of variable month-to-month listing fees to stay in our directory. Read more about our ranking method here.

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Los Angeles website design company | Web designers in Los Angeles

Let us build a fun, green social media strategy for your company.
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Forum to target neighborhood violence

The Community Coalition of Eastern North Carolina will sponsor a public forum at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Gateway Convention Center.

Questions and Answers

I want to become a game designer, but where do i start?

Ok, so I want to become a game designer, im only 18. I have thought about this for awhile and have decided to pursue it. I have read some article online and have made me confused, with getting started. What kind of degree should I be looking for? What are some top school for game designers to go to? Plz help!

Posted by

Here's my advice:
1) choose a major/degree:
– game design and development B.A., B.S., or B.F.A.
* Animation and Special Effects
* Computer Graphics
* Computer Science
* Digital Art
* Digital Communications and Multimedia
* Graphic Design
* Web Development
-Art Institutes example would be Art institute of california: Los Angeles
-Atlantic college
-cascadia community college
-College of the Siskiyous
-Daniel Webster College
-Devry University
-ECPI College of Technology: Newport News
-Full Sail University *strongly recommend
-Gwinnett Technical College
-Herzing College
-Montgomery College
-Mt. Sierra College
-*******UC Santa Cruz*****
-Westwood college
-*Worcester Polytechnic Institute*
3) If this is not enough check out this link which gives more info;
4) I also recommend you ask your counselor about helping you get accepted into the college of your dreams.
Good Luck!! 🙂

How do i make my web site appear in search engines?

Posted by kkv1234

It is very important to promote one's website by first publishing one's domain named website on these major search directories. For example, to publish your website's domain name for FREE at Google's search directory, visit "… And fill-in the form. In another way, Google, Yahoo or MSN provide a Yellow Pages kind of advertisement for every website according to a set of ranking protocols. And there's where web designers and search engine optimizers play an critical role in marketing websites which in turn, display goods and services to be discovered [via search directories] by the rest of the world. The greater the appearance or presence that one's website can generate on search directories, the greater number of customers will accordingly visitor one's website.

As for the cost to market one's website via the Internet and more particularly — search directories, will depend initially with the proper design of webpages and the proper placement of metatags which are: <Title>, <Description> and <Keywords>.

A searchable <Title> would be "[name of the goods/services – a generic domain name is okay unless you own a well-know brand], [city], [state – postal abbreviation]" — up to 65 characters and spaces. The <Description> would be up to 20 words comprising a complete readable sentence which promotes interest in your business, i.e., "We sell quality _____ at a reasonable price, etc." And <keywords> would consist of 12-15 compound plural words separated by commas, i.e., "cars, planes, transportation, etc."

In conclusion, webpages can either be rather straightforward using only HTML text or be crafted totally as a graphic Flash configuration. Either way, care should be taken to complete the Properties entries for Title, Description and Keywords so that there is something that search robots can index. The more one is educated in crafting effective webpages along with metatag placement, the less will be spent to hire third-party consultants to assist you in this matter.

To demonstrate how search engines/directories work, go to and type in the following search query: "pizza downtown los angeles." [Note: do not include the quotes (").] Again, this is a very generic query which means you want to order a "pizza" from "downtown" and in what city — "Los Angeles." Sounds fairly simple and then hit Enter. In a moment or two, there will appear some 1.3 million search results and among the top Five rankings will be a business called "Pizza Next Door, etc." The significance of this demonstration is to illustrate that most Interest shoppers will discover "Pizza Next Door," forthright because of its high web presence and ranking within the Top Five. So these shoppers are more or less likely to patronize this pizza establishment and hopefully in the long term; validate the owner and his family as having a profitable Internet enterprise.

To further illustrate how one can achieve a TOP 10 page ranking on, type in the following search query: "ecommerce tutorials seo." [Note: do not include the quotes (").] Again, this is a very generic query. Then hit Enter. In a moment or two, there will appear some 1.44 million search results and among the TOP 10 rankings will be a website called "Welcome to Downtown Los Angeles."

Good luck!

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