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The Sweet Sound of Success: Edinburgh Game Symposium 2.0 – Bleeding Cool News

The Sweet Sound of Success: Edinburgh Game Symposium 2.0Bleeding Cool News… Bigger then ever. The symposium was looking at a variety of subjects in the game industry with a significant emphasis on music in game, an area which is often missed due to the freelance nature of the subject within the industry. … However …

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Where to Find Work as a Start Up Freelance Designer | Creativeoverflow

Why Every Woman Should Know How to Freelance (savvysugar?format=xml)

Sometimes the usual 9-to-5 job isn't for everyone. If you can manage the work flow and build a network of employers, freelancing for multiple employers just might be for you. DailyWorth shares why every woman should know how to freelance so we can all feel secure in our careers._
Laurie Lewis ran Patagonia's SoHo shop, the brand's highest-grossing store, for six years. She then built the retail operations for Organic Avenue, described as "the only organic plant-based grab-and-go brand in the US," to 12 retail stores. But then the capital structure of the company changed, they restructured, and she was jobless. Fretting over her sudden unemployment, she gratefully signed onto her first freelancing job, which soon led to multiple jobs. It's been an exciting and also nerve-racking transition for her.
I hear desire in so many friends' voices who want to learn how to freelance, and my heart burns for them. Money is freedom, and not feeling in control of how much money we can make on our own, no matter what changes in our lives, keeps us in situations that don't allow us to design the lives we want to live.
"I'm a consultant now, …

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A star-crossed tale

Arthur Laurents had intended to write a musical about religious rivalry involving a Jewish girl and an Irish-Catholic boy.

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