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Design for Democracy: Hope begins at the ballot box –

Rabble.caDesign for Democracy: Hope begins at the ballot boxrabble.caNowhere on Hudak's campaign website are the words "diversity" or "climate change"; it is as if the last 20 years have never happened. Hudak's campaign describes Ontario as a veritable utopia in … Under Hudak, Ontario will see the recurrence of …and more »

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Melissa Price Graphic Design - freelance graphic designer ...

2007: More Web Design Trends & Cliches (ModernLifeIsRubbish)

It's been well over a year since I compiled the original list of web cliches, so I figured it was time to revisit some of the trends currently prevalent in web design now.
Things have definitely moved on since last year; Web 2.0 is not so _en vogue_ as it was, instead being replaced with richer colours, rougher textures and (on average) fewer rounded corners.
So what trends have emerged? What's hot, inspiration wise?
Odd one, this. Seems the current _trend du jour_ is to employ a cutesy vectoresque graphic character. This fits in with the tendency to use strong colour and graphical elements in the current crop of designs rather well.
The human element of the cartoon also serves as a fashionable replacement for the cliched stock imagery of yore – no longer do you need a photograph of a woman talking on a phone to convey what your business is about. These days, you can utilise a cartoon character to achieve the same effect.
Examples: Elitist Snob, Freelance Switch, sr28, Global Zoo, Wishlistr, and NetNova.
The world of web design has seen some sweeping changes since its inception years ago – many of the limiting …

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Watermen go from harvesting oysters to hauling tourists

Decline in commercial fishing, spurs watermen to reinvent themselves as tour operators.

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