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To become web

I know about HTML , XML , CSS , XSL. Do i need to know about dream waver and other extra program to design good web page. If yes then which all program should I know to become a good web designer?
Learning java script will it be advantage?

Posted by rohan

The term 'web designer' is a misnomer these days, almost as obsolete as webmaster. Are you considering the creative side or the dev side? If you are planning to work as a creative web designer, learn to live in photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator and Flash.

If you already code in html, xml, css, etc, you wouldn't have much use for Dreamweaver, except to use it as a text editor. Some clients or companies may require you to develop in Dreamweaver, FrontPage or other wysiwyg editor because other non-coders may be maintaining the site.

Software will not make you a good web designer. Investing thousands of hours into practicing your craft will. Start designing and building web sites. Start with a portfolio site for yourself. Then, if you can't find any clients at first, find an organization that will let you design and build a web site for them free of charge…your church, school or favorite charity organization.

Create practice projects and post them on your personal web site. Employers pay less attention to work experience than they do the quality of the work.

Best of luck.

Web Designers vs. Web Developers?

What skills makes Both Web Designers and Developers Different .Lets Look for the answer
Technical – Just creativity and imagination is not enough to come up with good designs. A designer needs to have technical expertise in tools that can be used to come up with awe inspiring designs.
Technical – A developer needs to have a clear knowledge of languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, ASP, ColdFusion, Ruby, Python and many others.Fore more follow Http://… ,What to you thing how both identifies .

Posted by Sumit

A web designer need not to know the code. Today many people tell themselves as web designers. This is true also in the sense that they can design websites without having knowledge of coding. They can design websites by using tools available on internet to create websites or by using CMS. They can know coding or can not also.

But web developers must know coding to develop websites. Coding knowledge may be of any language like PHP, Ruby, Java, HTML etc. Because without having knowledge of coding, one can design websites but not perfectly as his/her need. He/she can have to compromise with design and functionality also. But, having coding knowledge, he/she can make websites according to their need…


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