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North shore arts community celebrates connections and Louisiana's culture this … – The Times-Picayune

North shore arts community celebrates connections and Louisiana's culture this …The Times-PicayuneArceneaux and Usner first became connected when Usner taught interior design at Delgado in the 1990s. When it came time … For more information on Hotard, visit his Web site at On the …. The abstract work incorporates …

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An Illustrated Guide To Every Train And Sign In Manhattan’s Subway [Pics] (psfk)

New York City's subways are full of mysteries and legends, and a quick search around the Internet (if you know where to look) can turn up tons of information about the rich world that millions of straphangers hurtle through every day. Much of this information about the subways tends to present itself on a linear grid, as does the information about New York's streets on websites like New York Songlines; perhaps the rational design of Manhattan's streets created this structure. The latest of this linear tradition is Adam Chang's NY Train Project, which combines fun facts with a clean, fresh Javascript interface whose animated elements suggest the experience of flying through the tunnels yourself.
Usually a freelance art director and designer, Chang is also a photographer in his spare time, and this labor of love has given him some space to show off his skills in this area. The photos on the website, which are presumably his, add some realism and grit to the flat colors and sweeping transitions that are more typical of the website and of today's fashionable web designs as a whole.
Though the website is scarce on actual facts at the …

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