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Watermen go from harvesting oysters to hauling tourists – Washington Post

Watermen go from harvesting oysters to hauling touristsWashington PostPart of the money went to the Watermen's Heritage Tourism Training Program, where Farley and about 110 others attended three-day workshops that helped the watermen design tourism businesses centered on the history, environment and maritime heritage of …

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How to Set Freelance Web Design Rates

3 Useful Marketing Rules for Freelance Web Designers (Associated content)

If you are just entering the wonderful world of freelance web designer, take a look at these three useful marketing rules to get the most out of your job.
Contributor: Jasmine Starr
Published: May 20, 2014.

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How 'microjobs' help you ditch your boss

They can generate extra income, but a rewarding career is still hard to come by.

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Freelance Graphic Designer?

I want to start up my career as a freelance graphic designer, but I'm not sure how much I should charge. I have an Associates degree and I have at least four years of experience working for an in-house design firm. Currently, I live in a rural area which might affect the cost unless I expand my clientele. What would be a reasonable hourly rate to charge sub-contracts work and clients?

Posted by aznkk99

When you are just starting up your carrier as a freelance web designer most common rate is low because you haven’t establish good reputation. However, as time passed you’ve finish tasks and projects with good quality. Clients will come right back at you and that’s the time you could increase your rate. One thing you need to consider when figuring a reasonable hourly rate is your skills and experience. Another is how complicated and long will it take to complete the tasks.

Check out this info graph of a Graphic designer around the world. This might give you an idea on how to rate yourself. Http://…

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