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Can digital rights management and the open Web coexist? – CIO Magazine

Can digital rights management and the open Web coexist?CIO MagazineChris Minnick runs a Web design and development company and regularly teaches HTML5 classes for Ed2Go. Ed Tittel is a full-time freelance writer and consultant who specializes in Web markup languages, information security and Windows OSes.and more »

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Interview with Alexander Ericsson Freelance Web Developer/Designer ...

Freelance Front End Developer at Rockfish (Rogers, AR) (simplyhired)

At Rockfish, our Developers are responsible for the development of complex sites and applications or large components of a web site or application. The Developer architects solutions from requirements gathering to data model to…

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Codeanywhere, The Google Docs For Developers, Rocks Startup Alley At Disrupt NY

 Codeanywhere, a self-proclaimed Google Docs for coders, wants to become the defacto standard for code development on the go. Co-founders Ivan Burazin and Vedran Jukic presented on stage at Disrupt NY today after the audience voted them the best company in Startup Alley. Jukic came up with the idea when he worked as a freelance developer; he didn’t want to have to take his laptop with him… Read …

Questions and Answers

Web Developers – How common do they freelance?

I have been trying to find information to give me an idea of what percentage of web developers are freelance. I am becoming interested in web development after I realized I spent 6 hours straight trying to make a website, failing, and still wanting to try to build it on my own from scratch. However I like the idea of freelancing a lot and that would be a big plus for me.

Posted by lets_put_a_smile_on_that_face

Its pretty common for web developers to freelance. You're better off networking with people in real life to find gigs – people online could potentially just take your code and not pay you. There's ways around that but its a bit more risky overall. is a good resource for networking. You could also post an ad in services like Craigslist, but
do indicate that they have to tell you who they are etc so that they don't get any funny ideas about just taking your code or something like that.

Have a website ready with business cards.

Here are a couple of podcasts for help with your web development:



Happy programming.

Becoming a Web Developer?

Hello Everyone,
I am planning on going to school and getting my associates degree at a community college. I want to ultimately become a web developer and start by freelancing and eventually working for a company. Currently I am teaching myself html5 and css3 and soon will dive into some php and java.

My question is would it be wise to invest in going and getting a degree in that field and what degree would be best? Locally I can really only find computer sciences degrees which I know I'm not going to need to know all of that when I am web developer. I know of plenty of people who did not go to school and have still made it in the filed and people who went to school for it. And everyone tells me different.

I'm really curious as to what the people out there have to say who are possibly in that field or are (and or in) the same situation. What do you guys think would be the best course of action?

-Thanks for the input!

Posted by Anthony

Web Development was a great career – 10 years ago. Since that time it has become a commodity. What we see happening today is that so many people are doing web work and often doing it so cheaply it is difficult for any of them to earn a living. Before you commit to go down this road you need to check around to see if there is any demand for web dev work where you live.

In contrast there is still a lot of demand for Computer Science majors who do programming and application development work and some of them may also do some web dev work. Those folks seem to still be in demand and have good upside salary potential.

The question of going to college…
Employers in medium to large businesses are seeing 50-100+ applicants for every job posting in IT. In the end the employer will cut that applicant number down to 10 people who they interview. On the first cut they will toss all the applicants with no college Bachelors degree in the trash. In the second cut they will toss all the people who had below 3.0 grade average. Depending on the company they may toss out all the applicants with no experience. In those that are trashed there may be a few gifted people but they will never even get a chance to meet the interview committee and show off their talents.

Now are there jobs out there for non-college graduates in web dev work? Yes, but they are few and limited – usually in small companies. Many are contract jobs that last a few weeks or months and then you are back on the street looking for the next job. They make good money but they are often looking for the next job.

So I would be careful on the input you are getting from others that you don't need a degree. The people who got jobs without a degree are exception cases and for every one of them that found a position there are others who are really struggling to make a living.

Best wishes!

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