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Making a niche in today's tough marketUNH The New HampshireAnchor Line's unique service offers a variety of video, production and web design services to a growing number and array of clients. … "If you go to a website to hire a company, a lawyer for example, what makes one lawyer different from the next …

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Questions and Answers

Best way/place to hire Web Designer?

I need a freelancer that can make a 5 page website (w/ some flash) for me. What is the best way to go about this? How much should I budget for a simple 5 page site? I am from So. California but I am willing to hire freelancer overseas it that gets me a better quality/deal.
I meant, "IF that gets me a better quality/deal."

Posted by †ђ!ηK †αηK²

First of all you should buy domain and web hosting yourself so that the programmer cannot force you pay again and again for maintaining your website. You can post your requirement at freelance website like Http://ww.getafreelnacer.com/ and let many web designers bid for your project , you can then hire whoever you like.

How to hire a freelance web designer?

I would like to hire a freelance web designer and I'm quite clueless on how to make sure that I don't get one of those 'scammers' on the Web. How do I do this? What should I look for when I do an interview over Skype? Thanks!

Posted by Ajeva

A good place to look is people who do video game websites. I run my own website and if you want to contact me you can.

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