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Web Design Businesses in NYC Awarded by 10 Best Design. Contemporary web design varies all the time, and 10 Best Design awards companies which offer cutting-edge website design services to clients around the globe. Still, many choose to work with a local organization, so the 10BD team has again come.

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Web Design Firms in NYC Awarded by 10 Best Design

Modern web design changes all the time, and 10 Best Design (10BD) awards companies which provide cutting-edge web design services to clients around the world. Still, many prefer to work with a local agency, so the 10BD team has once again come together to create a list of the Best Web Design Firms in NYC. (PRWeb May 23, 2014) Read the full story at Http://…

Questions and Answers

What are the top schools for web designers?

Colleges or universities who have the best programs for their students interested in building websites

Thanks! 🙂

Posted by mike

You have a couple of options. Usually top engineering schools like MIT, Georgia Tech, Tufts, RIT, Cal Poly (etc.) have great computer programs which could include gread web design programs as well.
However, what most people don't think of is communication/visual arts schools. These are the "artsy" schools that usually have great Music, Dance and Theater programs. These may include school like Columbia College Chicago, American Academy of Art and Design, American Art Institute (etc).

There are also large state school that provide the best of both worlds. They have world class computer facilities and have great science/computer colleges as well as graphic/arts colleges. Sometimes the best schools for things like web design aren't big name schools at all. They're vocational type schools that teach nothing but web design and similiar categories.

I would search and look at some programs that you're interested in and then see how hundreds of colleges across the country compare.
Good Luck.

Web/graphics designers?

So do Web/graphics designers make a lot of money? I want to be one, and i studied since i was 10, now im 14. I heard you can make like $200 depending…… But how much could a 14 year-old(me) make per request..

Just today i made a sample business website look here:

its not the best, but I would like to sell layouts/code them to small-buisness owners.

(this is my website)
*make like $75-$500 depending.

Posted by kay

You can probably get away with selling websites to small business owners if they have absolutely no idea what they're doing.

Otherwise, I can't imagine any business owner buying from a kid, unless your designs are top notch. The only way i can think of is through referrals… So start with one, and make them happy, and then hopefully they'll refer you to somebody else.

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