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McAfee Names Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo the Severest Threat Online this 2014 – SPAMfighter News

McAfee Names Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo the Severest Threat Online this 2014SPAMfighter NewsAs per McAfee's study, football admirers bear the biggest danger while surfing websites presenting videos and screensaver downloads depicting the players' remarkable dexterities. An online … McAfee noted that like usual with other social hypes …

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In A Further Humiliation To Microsoft, Facebook Will Not Honor 'Do Not Track' Signals On Internet Explorer

Facebook's decision to shrug at the wishes of Microsoft is an indication of the fact that Facebook doesn't feel that it needs to care what Microsoft thinks.

Questions and Answers

What are The Top 10 Best looking websites You Have Come Across On The Internet?

Thank You.

Posted by Olly

Not in any particular order
[ANY RADIO STATION EVER] (it's just so simple)
[ANY BAND WEBSITE] is simple while being extremely graphically oriented which is impressive)

anyway, most of these are all flashy looking websites…they LOOK good but that is not always the best course of action, I only listed them because you asked for ones that looked good. But the best websites are the ones that look interesting and are still simple such as google, facebook, and twitter…..ones that are efficient at presenting the information required….

Best food networks/websites?

Hi foodies out there! What are according to you the best cooking/easy to make recipes/food culture/gastronomic tourism sites in English language? Is there anything you would recommend me to take a look at?

Please, only websites, no personal blogs thanks!

Posted by notma

There are many web site some of are following
1. Gojee: The Beautiful One-
Kicking off the list is probably one of the most salivatingly good looking food and recipes websites we’ve ever seen, with huge “food porn” style glossy photos of seemingly delicious meals and cocktails the order of the day. But there’s a brain behind Gojee’s brawn too.

2. Punchfork: The Crowdsourcing One-
No list detailing the Internet’s tastiest recipes sites would be complete without our very own No.1 Tastiest Recipes Site of 2011, voted for voted for by thousands of All My Faves users out of a strong list of nominees. It’s nobly delicious concept is in ‘crowdsourcing’: taking trending recipes from various social networks and food blogs to draw in and curate the perfect, visual recipes platform.

3. Shiksa in the Kitchen: The Home-Style One-
Meet Tori Avey, a Jewish convert whose love for the worldwide history of food and flavour translates brilliantly into an infectious food blog based around the enthusiastic personality of its owner. It’s all about “culinary anthropology” in the Shiksa’s world, and you can explore it with her; through a never-ending list of home-style cooking recipes, enhanced by stories about the history of the recipes.

4. Chocomize: The Chocolate Lover’s One-
Ok so this isn’t technically a recipes site. It’s actually a website that allows you to design your own perfect chocolate bar, and then have it delivered to you or someone you love.

5. Meet The Dubiens – The Parenting One-
Again, this isn’t technically a recipes site. But if you’re a parent with young kids, and you’re looking for new, fun ways to keep your little darlings eating healthily and entertained at the same time,

6. Taste of Home: The Online Magazine One-
It’s not easy for offline publications to adapt to online times. The Internet’s so much more instant and accessible than any paper publication could ever be. And that’s why we’ve included Taste of Home here. They’ve successfully charted the rickety path from magazine to cross platform, interactive, food website and blog

7. Skinnytaste: The Diet-Conscious One-
You know, being healthy doesn’t mean being boring. There’s a ton of great food out there just waiting to be cooked and served at your dinner table that’s both delicious and diet-conscious at the same time. And we’ve chosen Skinnytaste – a blog by skinny-visionary Gina Homolka – as the recipes website that currently best represents the new online breed of recipe curators dedicated to health and taste at the same time.

8. Veggie Num Num: The Vegetarian One-
How easy is it to be a vegetarian nowadays! When you’ve got beautiful websites like Veggie Num Num providing you with a catalogue of recipes that look and (probably) taste great. It’s pretty much a love letter to vegetarianism; with guides to nutrition and being veggie as well as a handy hints ‘n’ tips section alongside its recipes core.

9. Yummly: The Recipes Search Engine One-to-Watch-
One for you to watch this year is Yummly, a semantic recipes search engine, which finds you the most popular recipes from around the web, based on what kind of ingredients, flavors and sensations you feel like.

10. Pinterest: The Trendy One-
You”re either addicted to Pinterest, or heard of it but don’t have a clue what it is. If you’re the latter and you’re also a connoisseur of great looking online recipes, you should definitely give Pinterest a try. One of the most popular ways of using Pinterest is to create online pinboards with delicious looking food pictures

11. All My Recipes Faves: The EVERYTHING One-
Now this list’s aim was to introduce you to some of the more unique recipes websites online. There’s of course many, many more, both on the Web and on your smartphone. And that’s where All My Faves’ Recipes Faves page comes in handy, especially on your smartphone. It takes the logos of all these sites and a few others that also deserve your discerning dining consideration… and puts them all in one, easy-to-use place.

Some are more like

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