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Perl Developer, Tempe, AZ (Limelight Networks) (jobs.perl)

Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW) is the content delivery partner for thousands of entertainment, technology, enterprise, and government entities around the globe. Our customers include some of the greatest companies in the world: Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Pokémon and thousands more. If you have ever watched video or read a web page on the Internet, chances are that they were delivered using Limelight technology.

The Software Engineer will assist in reviewing, documenting, enhancing and rewriting of existing scripts/code. Need strong Perl, UNIX and networking skills.

Essential Functions:
• Brainstorms with technical staff on how to tackle problems using the existing technology stack
• Helps investigate and/or define technical requirements
• Provides updates on development efforts and problems
• Works with both local and remote teams on a regular basis
• Uses excellent troubleshooting skills to investigate and fix application problems
• Implements enhancements to existing architectures, including both client and server components
• Corrects software defects without introducing regressions
• Writes unit tests
• Performs regular design and code reviews
• Adheres to, and reinforces code standards and best practices
• Actively seeks ways to improve existing systems
• Provides estimates of work for planning purposes


• 3+ years’ experience programming in C/C++, Java, Perl, Python, …

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Web & Graphics Designer

Dice Holdings is a fast-growing provider of specialized career sites that cater to distinct professional communities.

Questions and Answers

Web page designing.?

I am considering doing a web design course, do you consider it to be a viable and profitable bussiness to be in, and how competitive do you think the market is at the moment.
I was told that Dream weaver should be the initial path i should take as an introductory course.

What say you, many thanks for answering.
Well, what can i say: i certainly did not expect the responses to be so quick and thorough, extremely helpful and proffessional.
Thank you.
I have just looked on the HTML made easy page, and i think i may need another degree in how to implement there tutorial, However, i also browsed the Web 2.0 template monster site, and was very impressed with the innovative ideas, and the ease of the applications.
Thanks again.

Posted by stepney_lad

1. Web "page" design is not a profitable business: it pays less than 15$ per page: tooooo much competition!
2. To make it "profitable", you have to make sites that you can charge 2-5000$, and write them in a few weeks.
This means Web 2.0 designs, AJAX, full interactivity, e-commerce, Content Management System etc.
This eliminate completely the use of ANY WYSIWYG editors such as DreamWeaver (reserved for amateurs who can't code). Whatever anyone tells you, NONE of these can cope with any of the demands you will face.
Your tools: Notepad or Notepad++.
Your skills: (X)HTML, javascript, PhP, mySQL, AJAX, Photoshop, ASP, JSP, Perl, (+ all window skills).
Start with Dreamweaver and you will end up in a total dead end in two years, incapable of progressing, incapable of coding properly, incapable of beating the (fearce) competition.
3. Finally, forget "web design". Go for "Web 2.0 Application Design". An application is a complex program, using several languages, that just happens to run on a server to allow multi-user access. Think of your bank: every till is a PC. They all run the same program, on the SAME server. So, what you pay on till 1 is instantly credited to your account, visible on till 2. Or a stock control between offices separated by miles (or continents!)
THESE are applications. You develop them in a few MONTHS (not hours), and you can charge them reasonnably.
(because you are one of the VERY FEW good programmers among the millions of amateurs!)
Good luck.

Where can I find the best web designer/seo manager? Honest and trustworthy?

I need a new webmaster and SEO manager
you mean that's it? There's no one?

Posted by foreverfreerepublic

If you are looking for a web designer I would be the last to give you a good advice. But with regards to SEO you would be surprise to know that YOU alone would be the best SEO manager.

Though there are few seo basic to keep in mind while designing a website like:

1. Choosing a popular keyword that is low in competition

—use Google adwords keyword tool
—In 'result tailored to' click edit and select 'world /all countries'
—type in a keyword related to your market or niche
—enter the capcha word and click 'get keyword ideas'
—once the result shows you you should select 'Exact'
—this option is found in the right hand corner just above the keyword results
—Select a keyword that has good number of monthly searches
—Avoid those with high competition
—select the keyword and type in on Google search with quotes E.g. "web designers in US"
—see how many websites are competing against each other on the keyword "web designers in US"
—If you think the keyword is good enough for you then choose that as your main keyword (Keyword less than 10000 searches per month is easy to dominate)

2. Now for website Search Engine optimization:

Look for the following fields and add your keywords
<meta name="Subject" content="THE NATURE OF YOUR WEBSITE">


<meta name="keywords" content="YOUR KEYWORD1, YOUR KEYWORD 2, YOUR KEYWORDS 3">

<meta name="Revisit-after" content="NUMBER OF DAYS">

<meta name="Rating" content="GENERAL">


<meta name="Author" content="YOU">

<meta name="Classification" content="BUSINESS OR PERSONAL">

2. Populating your web content with the keywords in proportionate percentage.

3. Adding your keywords in the page title


4. Add fresh content to your website.

—Minimum 3 pages per week for next 3 months.

5. Write articles related to your niche and distribute them to the top article directories.

—Anchor text your keywords. E.g. <a href=http://www.YOUR DOMAIN.COM">YOUR KEYWORDS</a> in the authors resource box.
See mine for example: Http://…

6. Create as many backlinks as you can by enrolling yourself on social networking sites and leaving your web url

7. These are all you really need for a good SEO.


I hope it helps.

Lian Vaiphei

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