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Why Responsive Web Design Is The Cornerstone To Any Mobile Strategy – Business 2 Community

Why Responsive Web Design Is The Cornerstone To Any Mobile StrategyBusiness 2 CommunityGoogle has advocated for responsive web design and recommends it for mobile configuration with its application (app). The company further states that responsive web design is in fact the industry best practice. So why does Google advocate so …

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Self-driving cars from Ford, GM, & others? Yes, if Google-automaker talks go well (Venturebeat?format=xml)

Google's self-driving car tech may appear in Fords, Toyotas, and all other sorts of cars in about six years. It all depends how these latest rounds of talks play out.

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Best Web Design Agencies Ratings in Egypt Named by for June 2014

10 top web design services in Egypt announced by for June 2014. (PRWeb June 04, 2014) Read the full story at Http://…

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I want to learn web designing?

I want to be a good web designer. So I want to learn web design. How many days it takes me to learn this course?
Can someone suggest me what contents ( photoshop,….) my course should contain.
Expalin in detail about the tutorial, syllabus etc.
I have already knows MS office.

Posted by myster9

For web designing, you don't need to know MS Office.

There are two main parts in web designing.

1. Graphic or UI designing.
2. HTML code design.

You need to know photoshop, coreldraw, or some graphic designing tools. In order to develop a real website for which you have developed graphically, u need to know HTML and CSS. Dreamweaver is a good one for html designing. For intereactivity javascript is used.

In addition to that Flash, flex are another software which is capable of creating Rich internet applications.

If you are interested in programming, u should learn a scripting language like PHP, .net or java.

Take a look at this site

You ll get a basic idea about web designing.

Web designer question?

I want to start my own business and need a website to do so, however, I don't know where to start. I had a web designer, but he was cheap and not very professional. And For all the ideas i had, he could not do the work. He says, it was challenging and this guy went to school for web designing. I did a little research and found that, you can't go cheap with a webdesign. Does anyone know the first thing about getting a good affordable website and or web designer.

Posted by yae_yae2000

If you want an inexpensive web designer you can go to

if you want top quality work at a high premium go to

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