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Watercooler: Perdido Beach Resort wins award; local CPA firm wins national … –

Watercooler: Perdido Beach Resort wins award; local CPA firm wins national …al.comHBK's award winning website,, launched in May 2013 as part of a new branding initiative that also included an updated logo design and social media strategy, to reflect the progressive approach the firm uses in their strategies and …

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Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2013 I Hate | LevelTen Dallas, TX

Upgrade Your Design With The New Colossal Bundle From Inky Deals: Giveaway! (blogherald)

Being a blogger means knowing – and doing – a bit of everything; from a little of blog design to search engine optimization to content marketing. While you may not be an expert on blog design, or design in general, it pays to know the basics and to use the right tools to help elevate […]
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Android is about to get a major design makeover

It’s not clear when KitKat’s successor will be released, but Google is reportedly preparing a major design makeover for its “L” version of Android. According to information received by Android Police, Google is looking to unify design across its products and across platforms, and the initiative is apparently referred to as Quantum Paper. With Quantum Paper, Google wants to offer the same user …

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What are the programming languages commonly used for web designing ? ? Now 2013?

Posted by Muddasir

Most commonly HTML5, I think.

How to get into entry level graphic designing?

My friend really wants to get into graphic designing. He has a Bachelors in studio art and a lot of experience in IT and is really VERY talented. What's the best thing he can do to make himself more marketable and emerge into the world of graphic design? What are the best positions for an entry level graphic designer or something up that alley?

Posted by Kiaira

Hi Kiaira,

I have to disagree with 'Go with the flow's comment above.

Graphic design is a prosperous industry, and for someone who is talented or at least cares about their work there is great opportunity. This is mainly because the industry is saturated by amateurs. But rest assured if your friend is good, he will easily out shine the competition.

The best thing to do is to do some graphic design work for his portfolio. It's important to realise the difference between art and design, his designs always need to have an express purpose and do a job. So do some designs based on a company, offer it to a real company for free or simply make one up. Do a corporate identity for them, with fonts, colour pallets, logo etc, and print stuff business card, letterhead, and some web stuff, email banner, basic web layout etc. Show all of your ideas and how you got there, especially with the basics like logo, colours and fonts. If they see you have chosen blue, they might think that's a nice blue or they might think that's a horrible blue, that's personal. But if you show in your portfolio that the reason you chose blue was be because they they deal in holidays and blue reminds people of good weather, then a potential client or employer will see you have a deep thought process in your work.

I'm not gonna ramble on any more, but I would recommend frequenting websites like and to see what other people are doing and get a good idea of what is good and bad design.

I would also recommend looking at how some other profession designers layout their work showcase

and how they layout their process

Hope this helps 🙂

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