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Questions and Answers

I want to become a game designer, but where do i start?

Ok, so I want to become a game designer, im only 18. I have thought about this for awhile and have decided to pursue it. I have read some article online and have made me confused, with getting started. What kind of degree should I be looking for? What are some top school for game designers to go to? Plz help!

Posted by littleramon@ymail.com

Here's my advice:
1) choose a major/degree:
– game design and development B.A., B.S., or B.F.A.
* Animation and Special Effects
* Computer Graphics
* Computer Science
* Digital Art
* Digital Communications and Multimedia
* Graphic Design
* Web Development
-Art Institutes example would be Art institute of california: Los Angeles
-Atlantic college
-cascadia community college
-College of the Siskiyous
-Daniel Webster College
-Devry University
-ECPI College of Technology: Newport News
-Full Sail University *strongly recommend
-Gwinnett Technical College
-Herzing College
-Montgomery College
-Mt. Sierra College
-*******UC Santa Cruz*****
-Westwood college
-*Worcester Polytechnic Institute*
3) If this is not enough check out this link which gives more info;
4) I also recommend you ask your counselor about helping you get accepted into the college of your dreams.
Good Luck!! 🙂

How do i make my web site appear in search engines?

Posted by kkv1234

It is very important to promote one's website by first publishing one's domain named website on these major search directories. For example, to publish your website's domain name for FREE at Google's search directory, visit "http://google.com/addurl/?continue=/addu… And fill-in the form. In another way, Google, Yahoo or MSN provide a Yellow Pages kind of advertisement for every website according to a set of ranking protocols. And there's where web designers and search engine optimizers play an critical role in marketing websites which in turn, display goods and services to be discovered [via search directories] by the rest of the world. The greater the appearance or presence that one's website can generate on search directories, the greater number of customers will accordingly visitor one's website.

As for the cost to market one's website via the Internet and more particularly — search directories, will depend initially with the proper design of webpages and the proper placement of metatags which are: <Title>, <Description> and <Keywords>.

A searchable <Title> would be "[name of the goods/services – a generic domain name is okay unless you own a well-know brand], [city], [state – postal abbreviation]" — up to 65 characters and spaces. The <Description> would be up to 20 words comprising a complete readable sentence which promotes interest in your business, i.e., "We sell quality _____ at a reasonable price, etc." And <keywords> would consist of 12-15 compound plural words separated by commas, i.e., "cars, planes, transportation, etc."

In conclusion, webpages can either be rather straightforward using only HTML text or be crafted totally as a graphic Flash configuration. Either way, care should be taken to complete the Properties entries for Title, Description and Keywords so that there is something that search robots can index. The more one is educated in crafting effective webpages along with metatag placement, the less will be spent to hire third-party consultants to assist you in this matter.

To demonstrate how search engines/directories work, go to Yahoo.com and type in the following search query: "pizza downtown los angeles." [Note: do not include the quotes (").] Again, this is a very generic query which means you want to order a "pizza" from "downtown" and in what city — "Los Angeles." Sounds fairly simple and then hit Enter. In a moment or two, there will appear some 1.3 million search results and among the top Five rankings will be a business called "Pizza Next Door, etc." The significance of this demonstration is to illustrate that most Interest shoppers will discover "Pizza Next Door," forthright because of its high web presence and ranking within the Top Five. So these shoppers are more or less likely to patronize this pizza establishment and hopefully in the long term; validate the owner and his family as having a profitable Internet enterprise.

To further illustrate how one can achieve a TOP 10 page ranking on Google.com, type in the following search query: "ecommerce tutorials seo." [Note: do not include the quotes (").] Again, this is a very generic query. Then hit Enter. In a moment or two, there will appear some 1.44 million search results and among the TOP 10 rankings will be a website called "Welcome to Downtown Los Angeles."

Good luck!

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