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Video Game Review – Watch DogsFlickering Myth (blog)I played Vice City and San Andreas of which to me the latter is still the best, but WD is an open world with a whole new experience and is relevant with the whole “either good guy or bad guy reputation” and all depending on how you implement your …and more »

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How the surge of Steam releases will affect game developers

If you've noticed a sudden influx of new titles launched on Steam recently and wondered whether there was some sort of surge happening, you wouldn't be wrong. …

Questions and Answers

What would be necessary to make this complicated website?

While I don't expect an in depth tutorial on the specifics, I would appreciate some general info and a point in the right direction for the following:
It would, at it's base, be a social networking type of site. On top of that, though, a request could be made of the profile owner by another member (G-rated, minds out of the gutter), a payment amount agreed upon between both parties, and once request has been fulfilled and verified by both parties, the funds would be released to the profile owner. The basic development of the site isn't much of a concern, the bigger problem I'm having is figuring out how that payment system would work. Would it be best for all members to have access to Paypal, and just handle the payments between themselves, or have one master payment system under the oversight of the webmaster? Well, I know this was a bit of a ramble, but hopefully any reading this grasps what I'm driving at and can offer some advice. Thanks in advance. 🙂

Posted by chris52082

I completely disagree with the first answer, it is a simple thing if you utilize PayPal. There is a developer section under your PayPal account, check it out. Total time to completion would be a couple of months maximum and possibly as short as two to four weeks if you base it off a generic code library and utilize that for the basis of the programming and then just wrote the proprietary code for the system to handle request specifically how you want.

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