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10 web designers who have accumulated an excellent body of work and done something absolutely outstanding over the past eleven months, as voted for by you! There are 20 categories this current year, including Designer of the Year. Below is the shortlist based upon nominations from the community and in no certain order. We encourage you to check these out and then vote for your favorites.

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Dave Pinter: Top Design Events Of NYCxDesign (psfk)

May in New York City means one thing for the design community, New York Design Week. Anchored in years past by the trade show ICFF, last year New York City formally recognized and supported the week under the brand NYCxDesign (NYC by Design). For a first go, it was very successful at broadening the exposure of design events happening in the city through street advertising and a comprehensive events calendar website. For 2014, there’s even more going on and the traditional design week is rapidly expanding into “design weeks.” If you happen to be in New York City this weekend, here’s a couple of design events we think are worth checking out:
**Collective 2**
Skylight at Moynihan Station
360 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001
Between 8th and 9th Avenues
Friday May 9  11am — 9pm
Saturday May 10  11am — 7pm
Sunday May 11  11am — 5pm
After a debut event in 2013, Collective returns this time at a new venue. Billed as a design fair focusing on contemporary and 20th-century design from an international range of emerging and established galleries, the fair is aimed at design collectors. The show emphasizes quality, timelessness, craftsmanship and uniqueness of objects …

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Top 10 most popular cities for selfies

A new research has revealed that these are the most popular in the world to take a selfie.

Questions and Answers

Question for professional website designers?How much would you charge and how long would it take to design a website like this one?
How long would it take to build something like that?

Posted by The Beaver for PRESIDENT

adminWhy would you want it? That has to be in the top 10 of ugliest sites on the internet.

Top stock photo website for graphic designers?Im looking for really good stock photo sites ( i know i will have to pay a fee to use their photos) but which are the top photo websites out there???

I am doing a project and am an amateur graphic designer and need to use some photos.

Posted by precious jewel

adminPersonally I like Photo Wizard – Http:// its small but unique.

Here is where you can find some other inexpensive stock photo directories:



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