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Feather Nail Art Designs How To With Nail designs and Art …

Rembrandt expert urges National Gallery to rethink demoted painting – The Guardian

The GuardianRembrandt expert urges National Gallery to rethink demoted paintingThe GuardianOld Man in an Armchair was ruled by the National Gallery to be by a follower of Rembrandt in 1969. Photograph: National Gallery … The National Gallery website stresses that "it is not at all certain that Rembrandt would have known the work of the …

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Awesome HTML5 and CSS3 Showcase Design Galleries for Your Next Web ...

H. R. Giger, 1940-2014 (Lines and Colors)

H.R. Giger was an influential Swiss painter, sculptor, set designer and concept designer. Giger is most known for his designs for the film Aliens, and its successors, as well as working on a number of less well known film projects. He also did work used on numerous album covers and has left his mark on […]

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New Web Article Highlights Amazing Impressionist Art Collections Found Around the World

PHILADELPHIA, May 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The world's 25 most outstanding collections of impressionist art are named in a new article on the educational website Best Liberal Arts Colleges. "The 25 …

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Needing Web Design Help with a Photo Gallery

I'm designing a website for a company but its been a while since I've written any html could anyone tell me how to create like a general photo gallery and allow them to be able to upload them directly to the server from their business?

Posted by Mr X

Do a search for a free photo gallery script. Saves you getting into writing PHP & mySQL. Chances are if you want them to be able to submit images to their server through a gallery, you'll have to have a database.

Web Design Course ?

Web design course has a lot of changes in 2014, please tell me about new topics, content of web design course. I am new in this field & I want to learn more so please tell me brief detail of web design course.

Posted by sanjay jain

Hello Sanjay,

As of know there are lots of Web Design Institute in Delhi from where you can learn web designing. Web Design Course that are running continuously in various web design institute are listed below:-

Web Design Course

1. HTML & CSS (knowledge of all important tags)
2. HTML5 & CSS3 New tags & their advance uses with example
3. JavaScript functions creation, image gallery & validations.
4. JQuery which is used to make interaction image sliders, animated navigation bars & creation of one page website.
5. PHP as a server side language for connectivity with server, search buttons, file uploading, e mailer & eCommerce websites.
6. WordPress for blog & site creations
7. E commerce websites software like Drupal, Joomla, Magneto & many more.
8. Responsive websites designing techniques with latest frameworks like bootstrap etc.
9. SEO techniques for website online & offline optimization.

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