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San Francisco Bay Area Graphic Design Firm Wins Two Awards for Foundation … –

San Francisco Bay Area Graphic Design Firm Wins Two Awards for Foundation …DigitalJournal.comSan Francisco Bay Area graphic design firm Project6 Design is proud to announce that they have won two new honors from the 20th Annual Communicator Awards in the Charitable Organizations/Non-profit and Food & Beverage website categories. The new …and more »

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13 Greatest Graphic Design Company Logos of All-Time | BrandonGaille.

Bicycles, Drum Kits and Science Inspire New Lighting Designs [NYCxDesign] (psfk)

Lighting was the hot category to exhibit during NYCxDesign 2014. The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) at Javits started to look more like a giant lighting showroom with companies presenting all types of pendants, task, table and floor lamps. Beyond ICFF, we found some interesting lights that showcased technical innovations and inspired design approaches. The following are the new lighting ideas that grabbed our attention the most:
_Crash &_ _Bell_ by Foscarini for Diesel
Taking inspiration from a rock band's drum kit, _Crash &_ _Bell _pendant lights that mimic their percussion instrument counterparts in shape and texture. Each is designed with a blown glass bulb holder that casts light across the outside metal surface as well as downward from inside the shade. Unfortunately you won't get the same sonic effects when you hit these with a drumstick.

_Spokes_ by Foscarini
You've probably already deduced the inspiration from these large scale pendant lights. But bicycles weren't the only object that inspired the shape, antique oriental lanterns and aviaries are also cited. The technical magic part of these lamps are the lack of visible wires connecting the power cable at the top to the LED bulbs in the bottom. Light is …

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UST Global Partners With California Schools to Challenge App Design

UST Global, an information technology solutions and services company for Global 1000 enterprises, is partnering with California State University, Fullerton and California Polytechnic University, Pomona …

Questions and Answers

Graphic design for a magazine company?

I am not sure if a graphic design would be the word i am looking for but what i want to do is like design like the cover and like pages for a magazine. But i would just like some info on it, any would be good, and also i am in yr 10 so should i start putting a portfolio together, if so what do i put in there, i dont really do much at school so what can i do at home to add to it, maybe some people who do this job and can give me some info would be really good. Or u can email me and how would i get job and stuff like that.
Thanks to any answers.

Posted by Kellie

Yes, Graphic Design would be the right career field if you want to design for a magazine company. I was a Design Intern and got to create some of the pages to a few magazines. Other titles include Associate Art Director and Art Director, but those are higher ranked positions and require more experience in the field.

In order to work for many magazines you'll have to probably get a Graphic Design degree, which means going to college and studying the design basics. It isn't as easy as you may think to design spreads, especially if you have no prior experience. Besides knowing how to use the design basics effectively, you'll have to be proficient in the design programs as well (Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, etc.).

I started putting my portfolio together in my last year of college, when I had a more work done and had become more knowledgeable about design and how to put together a portfolio.

You might want to try finding an internship first at a publication company so you can get your foot in the door and that way you can figure out whether or not you will actually enjoy being a designer.

Info about Graphic Design?

I might be interested in graphic design but I'm not quite sure I know what it is all about. My idea of it is basically making graphics and layouts for web 2.0 style sites. You'll need programs like Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop, etc.

Can someone help me by describing a little more into detail about what a graphic designer is responsible for. Maybe give some of the bad side of it as well, I think that would help.

Thanks for any help, and I will be sure to pick a best answer.

Posted by Stranger Danger

Graphic design you can do much more then web layouts, you actually dont have to do anything web related if you choose too. You could design logos only, advertisements, signs, posters… Graphic design is the combination of images and type, so the projects are endless. Just about every company has their designer or designers.

Programs learn as many as you can, it never hurts you to know more and will help you with increasing your $ cha-ching!

When you first start out you will be a "jr designer" this position will be doing page layouts, logo designs, re drawing logos, lots of type corrections, business cards, mostly things that a senior designer or the art director dont want to do or have time to do. Granted that is if you work for a agency or some sort of company where there is the chain of command.

Once you get experience and you develop a professional portfolio you will start working on more advertising campaigns, dealing with clients directly and being much more of the creative process vs just getting the ideas dropped in your lap, this a very vague explanation so you know.

As far as down sides well, when starting off the pay can be lower then you would hope for many times. But then you have to keep your job description in mind sometimes, you get paid to make pretty images and create things, so to me that is a fair trade vs digging a ditch all day. But the money will come with time, more experience.

If you choose freelance well its feast or famine for many when starting. So be prepared to network, cold call, etc. And most likely have a part time job doing something else till you acquire some repeat clients and steady flow.

Hope this helps some, good luck and have fun!!!

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