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Funding Daily: Cyber-sec, gadgets, juice delivery… this one’s a truly mixed bag (Venturebeat?format=xml)

Here are the day's funding stories: Yext raises $50M Yext, a company that helps local businesses manage their listing information online, is gearing up to break out of the U.S. With its latest funding round. The New York City- based company …

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Orbitz Flights, Hotels, Cars App Wins APPY Award for Best Travel App

CHICAGO — announces that the Orbitz Flights, Hotels, Cars app for iOS and Android got top nod as Best Travel App at the 2014 APPY Awards. The distinguished APPY Awards, held last night at the …

Questions and Answers

Make website to specific frame?


I have a small website where I use old html style, with frames.

There are three frames. A top, "banner" and bottom which is split in half, "stream"/"chat".

The only frame which ever changes is "stream" and it is change able via links in the "banner" frame.

What if I wanted to give out the website address, BUT make it open to a specific frame?

For example the site is coded to display 'channel 1' in the "stream" frame upon arrival to the site. But is it possible to make the a link which would tell the site to open channel 2 or 3?

OR. Would I have to change the html each time?


Posted by Le

As far as I am aware ( being a professional website developer who has never used frames ) you cannot do that

my suggestion is that you get a better site.. Even, I hate to say it is a huge improvement on what you have at the moment, frames are very very bad, even worse than using tables for layout.

What is a good website to keep a blog?

I am looking for a site that doesn't have to be too complicated, but where I can at least add pictures and use different fonts. Any ideas?

Posted by Kristy B

Blogger/Blogspot ( ) is at the top of the list for people who would rather have a service control the primary web site functions and provide automated tools/features (i.e. Developer-hosted blogging via the version). Blogspot is well known for its ease of use. Livejournal ( ) is easy to use, but it lacks the depth of customization available in the other services. While WordPress ( ) is great, it can be complicated, so you may want to avoid that one.

Similar free, developer-hosted services are Vox ( ), Typepad ( – can also work as a stand-alone blog platform), Travelpod ( ), and Tumblr ( ).

You may want to check out Http://blog-services-review.toptenreview… , which provides a listing of some top blogging services and features.

With that said, you do have the option of creating a self-hosted/stand-alone blog where more of the site will be controlled by you. You would likely need money – $10 to $160 – to pay for a web host and/or domain name (prices vary regarding time range and offered features). You may need to purchase blogging software as well. There are some services that are all-inclusive – web hosting, domain name, blogging software in one package. See Http://… for more details regarding your choices. Blogger, and Typepad would be applicable as a blog platforms in that case. Also, this may be your best option if you want to help ensure that the blog stays active for a long time (provided that you can continually fund its existence) and that you can utilize or incorporate the most features.

Beyond the above, you can blog through social-networking services like the following:
MySpace ( ), Facebook ( ), Multiply ( ), Xanga ( ), Windows Live Spaces ( ), Ning ( ). Bebo ( ) and Gaia ( ) are sites geared toward teenagers. Social-networking services offer more features beyond blogging and are focused on connecting/interacting with other profiles.

NOTE: You may want to post future blogging questions in the Computers & Internet > Programming & Design category or a subcategory of Computers & Internet > Internet.

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