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Mobile Search Advertising Set To Exceed $16 Billion (SearchDailyNews?format=xml)

The proportion of the population now using their phones to browse the internet has risen at an extraordinary rate. In fact, according to Nielsen, Americans now spend more time browsing the web using mobile devices than they do on their desktop computers. A recent study published by Juniper research on mobile search and discovery also confirms the importance of incorporating mobile platforms.
The forecast summary of Juniper's report states that mobile advertising is ripe for growth, and is going to comprise a significant segment of the market in the future. In 2014 mobile search will total $9.02 billion, compared to $13.57 billion for desktop search. According to BIA Kelsey, by 2016 mobile local ad spend alone will have reached $5 billion.
Juniper estimates that by 2018 $16.8 billion will be spent on mobile advertising globally. This news should be prompting digital marketers to make sure they accommodate mobile users when it comes to online content, keyword strategy, and design.
As we can see from the graph, the main proportion of mobile advertising will be in the established markets of Western Europe, North America, and the Far East & China. These regions have experienced a greater upsurge in …

In 2014, 47% say Facebook has the greatest impact on purchase behavior.
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Des Moines Area Small Business Owners Invited to Attend Free Marketing Seminar

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — , a leading provider of Internet services and online marketing solutions for small businesses, will host a free Small Business Summit designed to help small business owners …

Questions and Answers

Why bother designing a web site from scratch when there are so many affordable services?

I've been interested in web design for a very long time, but I'm starting to feel that the time and effort it will take me to create and code a so-so website are hardly worth it when I could just use drupal, weebly, wix, even wordpress, (i'm sure there are FAR better examples out there) or whatever and make a much more professional looking one that already has all the login accessibility and stuff so that I don't have to code it myself. Why doesn't everyone just use one of these systems? You can still make your own theme from scratch and have your own domain name etc, and it's so much more efficient for a better final site!

Posted by Essennelle

The main two reasons to design websites manually still remain:
1) More freedom in what you get to do.
2) Ability to make your web sites more accessible to everybody.

They're really the same reason though. It's a little more difficult to separate structure from style and the like, using a tool.

It takes a lot of work to configure WYSIWYG programs to create code that is actually just even standards compliant.

I'm not sure if those too are great, because I haven't used them myself. But isn't Wix a free Flash compiler and Word-Press a web-log editor?

Website Designing Company in Delhi?

We offer website designing services, web development services, web development solutions & affordable search engine optimization for online business needs. We provide 24×7 support for our customers in Delhi, India. We are the best website designing company in delhi.

Posted by Nikita

Sky Web Zone is also the best web designing company in India.

Google+ has 400 million active users. Is Google+ right for your business?
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