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Questions and Answers

How do I found perfect Graphic & Web Design Freelance Projects without bidding?

I have visited many freelance websites but they all ask for bid. And I have bidded on many of them, but nothing happens, many of my past friends do freelance projcts, they told me that they connect straight to the people who give freelance projects. So If there is any body who give freelance projects or know any good address please contact me.

Thank You
Dibakar Jana

Posted by Dibakar Designer

Freelance projects are not simply connected, but they are handed out through building good relationships. Once you connect with a client through the bidding process, they are likely to give you additional projects automatically.

I've posted many projects through freelance sites and each time, I receive bids from companies all around the world. Some good, most bad. I can say that I never turn anybody down unless there is something significantly wrong with what they are proposing (approach, price or expertise). If you have bid on a good amount of projects without reply, I'm guessing that you may need to refine your approach or offerings.

You may want to check out the website Elance for a better overview of the market. There, you can see projects that people have up for bid and the companies that compete for them. It's a good perspective on the market, as a whole, and you can often see what makes one bidder stand out against the rest. Model yourself after some of the winners, and I'm sure you'll do well.

Any advice on starting up a freelance graphic/web design business?

I have 13 years experience as a designer and I'm looking to supplement my income by doing some freelance. I'd like any advice on how to go about starting, what to charge, etc.

Posted by rjcshawna

This information may be a lot of help for you:

Sitepoint forums is one as you may know one of the best recognized webmaster forums with a lot of experienced people in this type of business.
A lot of help can be found here.

From my own personal point of view i think it's important to start building a portfolio of work you have done under the employers you have worked for to give an indication of your work in webdesign and what areas you are profficient in.

Also as a starting free lancer i would search on freelancer websites specificly targetted at webdesign.
Such as:


These are all websites where people are looking for freelancers offering webdesign/programming services.

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn't charge to much in the beginning of your carreer as a freelancer since you have to build reputation and good credit.
Every job completed to satisfaction of the customer is a bonus point for your freelancing carreer on these above websites.

There is alot of competition but also a lot of insufficient coders so you have to build trust and reputation to go for the big projects and to allow yourself to charge better rates.

As a freelancer it is important to charge less then the established companies since otherwise there is no edge for you to compete on. The edge that makes a difference is mainly pricing combined with proficiency. If you can find a balance that you can be satisfied with regarding pricing and your time then you have a good chance to surive the harsh competition in the world of webdesign freelancing.

If you can offer professional and quality webdesign/coding for cheap rates you have the future of a steady client base that may help you advance in your freelance career (and in time charge better rates).

Because the competition is massive on the internet and freelance sites. But once you have completed a job to the satisfaction of the customer and for a affordable rate then you have won yourself a new client since this client is very content with your work and rates and would definately considder your services later on.

Try to take on a lot of simple projects such as simple email forms and such to show your ability of webdesign and advance from there to bigger projects.
I am myself also looking for a affordable webdesigner/coder so if you wouldn't mind i would very much like to know what your experience is with coding regarding programming languages.
Send me a email and tell me a little more about yourself and what areas of expertise you have. Recent and past work would also be very helpfull.

Best of luck to you in your freelancing carreer.


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