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Extreme Makeover, Cubicle Edition: 10 Ways to Spruce Things Up – BusinessNewsDaily

BusinessNewsDailyExtreme Makeover, Cubicle Edition: 10 Ways to Spruce Things UpBusinessNewsDailyWhile cubicles are designed to have a uniform look, it doesn't mean you can't find ways to make yours stand out from the crowd. Even though you might not have much space to work with, there are plenty of ways to spruce up a cubicle to make it exciting …

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Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. Announced today a new range of licensed audio headsets for Xbox One under the TRITTON® gaming audio brand.

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Tattoo designs ideas/websites?

I need a website that can either, 1) get my tattoo designs i requested in less then an hour. 2) i need a site that has a list of FULL designs on paper that are large. I can also use some ideas. I want the tattoo on my wrist/forarm maybe a band around my wrist/forarm (It would have to be on a full piece of paper) or somethign relegious

Iv been to sites but they charge you to get the image. You can only see an image 10×10 and it has the logo over it.

I need it on a large piece of paper so the artist can see the whole thing clearly without the logo accross it from whomever made it
In option one, i was wondering if there was a site that i can just scroll to the things im looking for like kinda browse. And it recommends tattoos for me. Mmm i need an actual picture. Not just a picture of a tattoo on skin.

Posted by CrunK

I don't quite understand your option 1). – do you mean a website where you can make a request and have an artist draw it up for you in less than an hour? If so, why the rush? That's obviously not a possible option.

The reason why most of the flash sites ask for money is because somebody out there has worked hard to make that design – why should you get it for free? Would you expect to walk into an art gallery and be donated a painting for free? Well someone has put the same level of time and effort into one of those flash designs. If you want this tattoo bad enough, you'll invest in getting it right, not try to scab out of paying what you can. Are you one of these clients that haggles with their tattoo artist to get a lower price, too? Not cool.

You can try deviantart.com for designs. But ALWAYS ask before you use anything. That is a website for people to display their artwork. NOT a website for people to come and take things as they please. Many people on there are happy for people to take their work and will say so, they find it an honour when someone wants their work on them. Others are dead against it, they want it to be personal to them, and they have that right. Imagine you put your blood, sweat and tears into designing a beautiful piece, perhaps as a tribute to someone you love or some other significant reason, only to find some mindless idiot has ripped it off. That's completely against tattoo etiquette so I really hope you possess some morals.

But honestly, the best you could do is go and see your artist, explain what you want and have him/her draw up a custom design for you. Then you're not treading on anybody's toes, and it shouldn't cost you a great deal if you actually get the tattoo there afterwards. (Some artists don't even charge at all, if you get the design inked on the same day, some wrap it into the overall price).

Is there a decent, reasonably priced service for designing eBay TEMPLATES & a customized LOGO?

Is there a decent, reasonably priced service for designing eBay TEMPLATES & a customized LOGO.

I'm looking for a complete solution. Customization of my ebay listings, a customized LOGO. I'm on a tight budget and I'd like to know the list of website/logo designers that offer reasonable pricing for quality workmanship.


Posted by ictaros

I'll design a logo for ya! I'm employed as a d.t.p. Operator / graphic designer. I'll do a professional looking one for $50.00. I'm from South Africa and the dollar's pretty strong at the moment.
I work on an apple imac G5. Various different programmes.
E-mail me – candicegribben@yahoo.com.

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