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Houston Mobile Web Design: 1 Responsive Website for All ...

Gadgettes 185: The Keeping Our Lids on Tight Episode (podcast) (cnet)

After years and years of failed coffee mugs, we decide to air out the dirt on the ones that suck… And possibly even cover a few things that could be considered "technology" too.
#### Ep. 185: The Keeping Our Lids on Tight Episode
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### EPISODE 185
**All The Mugs We Have Tried
** OXO "liquiseal" coffee mugs
Planetary Design Tumber Mug
Contigo AutoSeal
Thermos Sipp
This one looks good: Bodum Anywhere Travel Mug
**Elsewhere in coffee tech …
** Brewing a better coffee cup online
iPhone app for clumsy foodies
The world's most hilariously depressing coffee mug
NerdApproved specialty brew: oatmeal, coffee, bacon stout
**Kill Me
** Fake nipples
**Gender Gap
** Philips introduces an iron … for men.
**Pink Watch
** Logitech "Fantasy" collection of … mice.
**What a Concept (what the hell edition)
** It's a baby stroller … and a scooter!
**Tool Time
** The iDress (thanks Ikcor!)
**Ask a Gadgette
** Hi!
My mother's 40th birthday is upcoming soon and I want to give her something special this year. She's not really a tech person and only uses her computer for web browsing, email and basic …

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Web Design Firm Launches Flat-Rate Development Model for Small Businesses:

PHILADELPHIA, June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — simplifies the website development process for organizations looking to launch or expand their online presence. By offering …

Questions and Answers

Best solution for develop a mobile friendly web site…?

I wanna make a mobile friendly web site…

How I do it ?
What Should I consider ?
What are the resources ?
Who is the best solution provider ?
I have a low budget so will it Possible ?

Posted by Devinda Chinthaka

The best, most cost effective way for you to design a mobile friendly website is to use responsive web designing; which use CSS technology to create a single version of website that auto adjust to any device ranging from mobile to desktop machine.

In a responsive design, you should make sure that your website is clear, remove non-essential content, your visitors can easily find your products or services, your business location and contact details effortlessly.

What is the difference between mobile site design and web design?

Posted by Ozlem

Websites designed for handheld devices carries a optional style sheet which is not used when you view a site on a browser on a desktop machine.

Because mobile screens are smaller, designers create minimalistic or more readable designs for mobiles. Many designers also optimize the size of the design for mobile devices because not all the mobile users use the fast internet services.

Have a look at a great article here -> Http://…

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