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How much does a web site cost? Well, exactly how much does a car cost, or the latest suit? Exactly. From a do it yourself tool to a custom designed product, the expense of a website will vary broadly. How will the site function? Who will likely visit? Will it be a membership based website? Can the operator perform optimization as well as maintenance, or will a company need to get paid for those services? And so on.


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Questions and Answers

Website Development question?How do I price my Website services?
Does anyone know of a list that I could use as reference?
Any information would be helpful!=]

Posted by Miry

I have never seen a list of prices, but the average range is from $35-$75 per hour. Larger companies charge upwards of $75 per half hour for support.

To determine how much to charge, start with how much you want or need to earn every month. Break that down into weeks, and divide by the number of projects you can handle during that period. That will give you the target rate.

Adjust according to the services you provide, the level of quality and the industry averages. Once you get going and have a good track record with excellent testimonials, you can raise your rates closer to your target amount.

Cost of Website Development?Our company is going to have a website developed. We have received proposals from various companies, but we want to know if the prices are reasonable. What is the regular rate for a corporate website with 50-70 pages, with pictures, videos, and pages where people can download stuff, etc.

Posted by a616

A 50-70 page website can easily be accommodated onto a .mac server with the use of I-disk or I-Web software. And the domain name can be redirected via or use of’s forwarding/masking feature. The annual fee for .mac is around $99.00 and there’s no maintenance fees since your web designer can easily upload updated Dreamweaver, FrontPage or Flash web designs onto the .mac account without the use of FTB. If your video streaming is large, you may want to increase the bandwidth at .mac which is reasonably priced.

Good luck!

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