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HTC One mini 2 review: average by design – The Verge

HTC One mini 2 review: average by designThe VergeWhen the list of best Android phones for 2014 is drawn up, the One will be at or near the top. But the One is also expensive — a premium device at a premium price — and for HTC to thrive it needs to sell millions of phones to millions of people. Even …and more »

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How To Double Your Revenue By Giving Your Work Away For Free (Pro Blogger)

This is a guest contribution from author Tom Morkes. I know what you’re thinking: what’s the catch? If you’re like me, you’ve read dozens (okay, thousands) of blog headlines that pique your interest, only to find out the headline comes with an asterisk: Quandruple Your Opt-in Rate!* *you just need to be featured on a […]
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How To Double Your Revenue By Giving Your Work Away For Free.

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Alternatives to Pages | Pages compared to other Mac word procesors

Pages may be free with your Mac, but it's not the only word processor. Here we look at some of the best alternatives.

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Starting a web based business?

I am wanting to start a web based business selling handbags and accessories at affordable prices. I have a small inventory right now of everything I am going to sell. Any pointers? I am wanting to start next month.

Posted by MrsClark

If you can be a little patient I would suggest that you list your products on free online classified ads while you build a personal website. You can put a personal touch on a website that will attract people to you. The art of web design accompanied with the important key factors to getting targeted traffic to your site is difficult to learn and implement over night. There are many free web hosts that will help you to set up an online store. It is very difficult to get traffic to them without spending a lot of money on advertising. I chose a web host to build my website that offers a step by step program to teach and assist in the designing and building of your site so you can get targeted traffic for free. There are a few web hosts that offer help/ You can search for one that will suit your needs if you wish. You can send me a message with any questions about the one that I chose if you'd like. You can also read more in my Yahoo Answers Profile page. I hope this helps.

What does high level web design cost?

What does a big company typically pay for a design? We are a large company that has received many proposals for designing a large website (design only our programmers take it from there) and quotes have ranged from $5500 to $32,500. Understand that there is significant back and forth and many hours in meetings that are being priced in here, but why such a difference? Some companies seem to be better than others, but we just want to know what is a fair offer so that we can bargain.

Posted by DMGPR


If you don't mind, could you please email us the project details, so that, we can also quote for a fair (and low) price?

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Google+ has 400 million active users. Is Google+ right for your business?
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