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Questions and Answers

What would be a fair price for a static web site design?

I am trying to hire a freelance person to make a simple static 3 page website for me. No fancy features, just simple info content, some photos. The person I will hire will design, program and launch the site.
What should be a ballpark price for a project like that? Wanna make sure I am not overpaying.
No, I have my own web host and am paying for it.

Thanks for the tips on the website copyright, will keep that in mind!
How about CMS, how much does that add to the bill?
To JR: this website I am talking about will be just like a business card – just some more extensive info. It is just for starters, just to get some web presence. Not e-commerce, not money making. It's a B2B business. Will update later, as on budget now. That's why price-sensitive.
Alright, good to know about CMS! I think I'll skip it, as planning to hire pros later to make more extensive changes when needed.

Posted by Kaytee

World Wide prices average:
Static websites (HTML/CSS only): $10-15 per page (That's all they are worth!)
Semi-static: $20-40/page
Dynamic (server-side scripts): from $500
Small e-commerce: from $1200
Fully blown application: from $3000

The DESIGN (that is, logo creation, fancy graphics and so-on) can be made by professional graphists, and this can be expensice!
– unknown artist: $20-$100 per "design" (logo, background etc)
– established designer: from $500
– Well known artist: from $1000
– Salvador Dali: $400,000 for a beer matt!!! (and in 1984!)

There are no "rules". It is more "What are you prepared to pay?" 🙂

BIG, BIG, BIG mistake! You will have to learn how to use it and – guarantee: you will stop using it after one month. You are NOT a web developer, nor a designer. CMS are complex to use and impractical.
A good dynamic website, well developed, will have its own "CMS" tailored by the developer to YOUR needs, and easy to use, in and "Admin" section of your site. ANY other solution is used by amateurs who just want to charge your more!
(I have not know any CMS being regularly used by the client).

AFTER the design/development:
ADVERTISING! If you want yur site to be visited, you must advertise it. I am not talking about SEOs (which are a waste of time), but advertising OUT of the web (medias: TV, Radio, Newspapers etc)
This, usually, costs at least 10 times the price of making the site.
– Development of the site: $2800.
– SEO costs: $500. Results: no sales.
– Banner add on a well known site: cost: $800/month. Results: $3000/m sales
– 30 sec TV ad, at $3000/m: over $8000/m profits…
– Stopping advertising: sales drop to zero in 3 days…
(These are real figures from real case)

I have not known any static site to make ANY money, not to get more than a few visitors a month.
Advice: Make a good one or don't bother.

What is all to designing web sites…?

Im very computer literate and am thinking of doing web development out of my home for a new business to bring in extra cash… What do you recommend like program wise to get to start my company up to do web development lilke, maybe store sites for ppl how much does something like this cost… Ie:

cost to design a website like going price if someone wants a quote
time it takes
whats the best software to get to learn how to do it?

Posted by Angela

About designing web sites can be read in Http://blogaol.org/search.php?q=designin…

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