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College offers web design program for professionals – Prince George Citizen

College offers web design program for professionalsPrince George Citizen… Design and web for busy students and professionals," Stewart said. Students who register by July 11 to start classes in September will receive a $200 bursary toward the $595 tuition cost of each course, while those who register between July 12 and Aug.

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How to Choose a Good Online Graphic Designer

The Best Ways to Make Money Online (Ranker)

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Fuelstream Announces New Website Designed for Business

Fuelstream, Inc. , a international reseller of Aviation Jet fuel, is pleased to announce the official launch of a new website that will allow clients to access fuel pricing and other information on a real-time …

Questions and Answers

Is this a good price for web design?

I plan to charge 80 per page for the first 5 pages, 70 per page for pages 5 – 10, and 60 per page after that. This is just basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A flash banner or into and any other extras would be more. Does this sound fair to you?

Posted by Zach R

Since it is purely static, the average price (worldwide) is 10-15$ per page, and you will have very limited clients.
So, 80 whatever is WAY too high.
If you want to make money, you MUST develop interactive sites.
For "good" websites, the price is divided in two parts: the DESIGN (images) and the DEVELOPMENT (coding).
The Design itself, if made by a good artist, can become quite expensive (100$ min just for a logo, a few 100's for a full page layout).
The coding is more complex to define: it depends on the functionality.
Look at the layout of Http://www.caughtonline.com.
The Design of the page, provided as just a psd file, was 400$
The coding of the site (3 months) was 7000us$
… Tells you the range!
But the site makes a profit of 3-5k/month. Not bad an investment!

Web designing prices in india?

I need a crafts website with shopping cart , creditcard procesing.Can any one plz tell me how much it would cost me in India.
Thank you.

Posted by monarch_ksp

Depends on your needs. You can always email me as I am into web-designing. Also do you want to compromise of quality for cheap website?

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