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Questions and Answers

What's the going price rate for web designing?

I have a website and this guy found out about it.
He wants me to help him design the site for him and he'll pay me.
I was wondering what the going price rate was for web designing because he told me that i can tell him how much i want him to pay me because I'm the one who's going to be doing the work.

Thank You. <33.

Posted by weaverd316

I believe the average design rate is around $40-$50/hour or most do by the project. That can really depend on your requirements. T hey can run from $100-$1000 per page…

For coding, I've seen some for $20/hr, some for $120/hr. In most cases it's up to your opinion which person is the best to you.

Hi web designer's i want to know the price details for the website design, per page, for home page with flash?

Hi am a webdesigner, now also doing some freelance work in web design, thing i want is, i want to know the cost of the website design
designs are done in div and css standards, how mush do 1 page cost, and how much do the index page design cost and how much do it cost if some flash are integrated. Please let me know this details. Thanks.

Posted by parthibnboxing

You'll find a lot of experienced web designers here:
Good luck!

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